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Mahesh Jogani is one of the recognized wellness expert and entrepreneur in India. With an experience of over fourteen years, his work includes modernization of traditional wellness therapies, research, and development, promotion of yoga and meditation with a natural way of living in urban metros. Mr. M.B. Jogani has been acknowledged in more than 24 countries including the USA, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia in various conferences and seminars for the promotion of ancient natural therapies and traditional wellness products. He has created vast IPR assets including eleven plus patents. He is actively engaged with many social organizations, wellness forums, and acknowledged with many awards and recognitions. His journey as a research engineer and wellness entrepreneur transforms him into a holistic life coach Mahesh Jogani is a founder of the Jogani Wellness Initiative - dedicated to promoting the modernization of age-old Indian traditional wellness remedies. Innovation in traditional wellness practices for sustainable natural life is a major work area of the Jogani Wellness Initiative. Mahesh Jogani has Received Prestigious Pioneer 2021 Award By Economic Times, Times of India Group for his Work in Modernisation of Indian Traditional Wellness Therapies

Jogani Wellness Initiatives

Jogani Wellness Initiative is all about advocating the natural way of living in urban metros, caring for the environment, choosing local and organic healthy food. Appreciating the healing power of nature and promoting traditional natural therapies. We at Jogani Wellness Initiative committed to promoting ancient traditional therapies for holistic health healing and wellness. Our interest in easy, effective, and economic well-being practices leads us towards the modernization of traditional wellness remedies. We have modernized and made available many traditional ways and means for relaxation, detox, and rejuvenation which can be used and practiced easily within our busy and modern life. Empowering people to live in harmony with nature in urban metros using natural living and alternative traditional therapies for holistic wellbeing is our prime mission.


Dr Bhupendra Thummar, M.B.B.S.D.V.D
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