Wellness Mantras

Wellness Mantras
Eating Well Makes You Feel Good

Mental well-being is not just the absence of disease or mental illness. It is feeling good and functioning properly. It is being happy, feeling optimism, and having self-esteem. Good mental health also plays a role in our physical, social, and our economic well-being.

Here are 5 tips to add more fruits and vegetables to your day:

  • Buy vegetables that are easy to prepare, such as prepared salads and baby carrots
  • Buy frozen vegetables that can be easily cooked in the microwave
  • Buy fruits and vegetables in season
  • Serve vegetables with a dip to make them more appealing to children
  • Cut up fruits and vegetables as soon as you buy them, so when you make a meal, you can just pull your prepared produce out of the refrigerator
  • Choose vegetables with a variety of color: red, orange, and green