Wellness Mantras

Wellness Mantras
Eat Your Water

Most foods contain some water but plant foods have more. When you consume water through fruits and vegetables you also get, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and fibre. Cooking reduces the water content so eat your fruits and vegetables raw, whole, blended or juiced. Read on for your top 10 hydrating foods, how to get them in you and get hydrating!

Cucumber | Water Content 97%

Strawberries | Water Content 92%

Watermelon | Water Content 92%

Raspberries | Water Content 92%

Spinach | Water Content 92%

Celery | Water Content 95%

Grapefruit | Water content 91%

Cantaloupe | Water content 90%

Red Cabbage | Water content 92%

Carrots | Water content 87%